FAITHLESS Official Site Storyboards

The space is non – descript and ambiguous.The setting is run down, urban decay, mysterious and dark, atmospheric and exciting without being too sinister ( the sort of place an illegal rave would be planned.) Upon arriving you are in a dark entrance point with occasional flashes of brilliant light strobes / lasers flash behind the eroding door. There is a feeling of anticipation  created for the user. The door rattles and moves to the bass of the music (track playing )
The ordinary person stood at the entrance begins to erode, as the lights touch him, the shell of his clothing / physical body disintegrates, until he become a dancing electric skeleton moving to the beat of the track player . The door edge is gradually becoming more and eroded at the corner so that the light forms escape more. When you click on the door the chains and bars break away, there is a transition, an explosion of light and colourful lightforms, a feeling of immersion as you are pulled in.

There is a transition into back into darkness as you enter the section that you chose from the homepage.

Transition to big open warehouse type space , as you navigate you are panning a large warehouse type space (not in the literal sense of scenes stitched together , just almost a spin / blur, then you are in another section.

Animations across site are synched to the beat of the player ?


The videos appear projected on the brick wall , flickering across Maxi ‘s face. You can switch videos via menu left hand side. Some animations could appear around and almost from the video – depending which one you are watching. For example a police shield could appear to fly out of ‘We Come One.’  Lasers for ‘Music Matters ‘ dance out and around the space.

Flash element Pans to another part of the space.
A mish mash of peeling flyers and posters that animate as your roll over are stuck on a wall revealing facts and history about the band with user interactivity and special effects – for example lyrics appear reflected in a puddle of water in the disused warehouse  

DEMO SPACE Shopping List Item ?! )

Faithless showcase elements of new tunes they are working on such as the beats or the synth lines users rate which they'd like to hear as full tunes so feel part of the creative process of writing the album but in a way that still gives faithless the ultimate control over their tracks

 A lower end idea other idea is for faithless to put several playlists or lists of key tracks they will play at their next gig then users vote on their favourite, which is then used at the gig.

This could tie in with social media aspect

There are holographic lyrics and – imagery projected on the brick walls. Sister Bliss’s face appears as a giant 3D electric light mesh synched to the lyrics ( or something cool like that !). Perhaps Maxi is sat in an armchair having a fag watching you and is occasionally picked out by the lights, and the glow from the lip synched mesh. Smoke rises from his fag.