StoryBoard - DVB Style Concept 1

-This approach is dark and sexier and would make use of stunning product shots on high shine surfaces.

-The denim product and eyewear is put into the same scene to communicate that both ranges are part of the DVB collection – the jeans and sunglasses work together to create an atmosphere – a style – DVB style.


StoryBoard - DVB Style Concept 1

- Promotes DVB as a high–end fashion brand through the use of sleek design and model shot.

- Is clean and sophisticated. Promotes newsletter clearly.

- The model and product shot could be Flash animated with slick slides and fades, changing to show different product shots, perhaps a man also wearing the sunglasses to communicate that some of the glasses are unisex

StoryBoard - DVB Style Concept 3

- Could be animated fades to roll through various product shots. Promotional straplines could fade in and out.

- Scrollable products left to right give users a quick link to products. These could be featured products or a random selection from range the range