Cuckoo Records

Route 1
Uses a heavier slightly occultish, but fun and quirky approach. The page content is held in a cuckoo clock type structure.The cuckoo header section could be animated with the cuckoo popping out
or more subtle movement such as ruffling of feathers, blinking, etc. The design aims to help Cuckoo Records stand outamongst its competitor sites with its originality. The cuckoo could be developed
further as a character supporting the brand. Secondary pages would follow the same structure as the homepage with the central content changing.The design would stretch downwards with content
length. Soundcloud could be a mini player in the header.

Route 2
Uses a much lighter and cleaner approach. The logo features a ‘gone a bit cuckoo’ character riding a penny farthing with a record as a wheel. This aims to communicate the Cuckoo Records ethos of nuturing orginality and creativity. Once
again this character could be further developed to support the brand. The SoundCloud Player featured is the premium artwork player. Though the design is very clean, fonts and subtle elements help communicate the key themes